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  • Where should i send my Invoice
    • All invoices must be sent to yout buyers or contract managers emails adress, due to the payment date of your invoice is based on the reception date and not to the issue date.

  • What is the stipulated payment deadline for all Invoices?
    • The payment term corresponds to the Friday closest from the invoices approval's date.

  • How do I validate that my Invoice was received by Collahuasi?
    • Upon receipt of any Electronic Invoice, our users or Purchasing Engineer issues an acknowledgement of receipt email, which validates its receipt by our company. In case you do not find your invoice published in the supplier portal, please leave your question in the queries section.

  • What is Collahuasi's payment method tho its Foreing Suppliers?
    • By default, all payments are made by wire transfer to the account informed to your Collahuasi contact or contract manager.

  • What data should I include in my Invoice issued for Contracts?
    • The invoice must be issued once you receive by e-mail the authorisation to invoice together with the approved Payment Order, which indicates the amount to be invoiced. The authorisation to invoice is sent to the e-mail registered in our system by the supplier, and only once the Progress Payment Statement has been approved by all internal levels in Collahuasi. You must indicate the following data:
      Payment Order number without dots, spaces or additional characters in the reference field.
      Contract number in the reference field
      Progress Payment Statement number and month of service in the legend or description of the invoice.

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